The Step by Step NFT Art & Creative Workshops

A series of Step-by-Step workshops to introduce the world of NFTs and to help different groups of people understand NFTs and how to engage with them

For Artists and Creatives

  • Step by Step Guide to Strategies to Create the Desirable NFT Creation

  • Step by Step Guide to Branding your NFT Creation Collection Workshop

  • Step by Step Guide to Create and Launch Your NFT Creation Workshop

  • Step by Step Guide to Market your NFT Creation Sale Workshop


  • Incubation Program of Artists and Creatives into a NFT Collection to be launched under the Artlife&Co Brand or powered by Artlife&Co

  • Investors into the NFT Creative Incubation Program have a stake in the collection revenue when it is launched


  • Step by Step Guide to creating your Digital Art for NFT Workshop

For Collectors/Buyers

  • Step by Step Guide to Buying and Selling NFTs and What to Buy

Management of NFT Collection Services

  • A service and commission fee to help manage, buy, and sell NFTs for Collectors